Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Really? Really...

In the past few months that I haven't really been posting, I've come across a few pretty ridiculous things. Luckily camera phones are pretty awesome these days, so I can capture pretty much anything at any time. I would like to share some of the awesomely ridiculous pictures that I have taken in the past few months.

Really? Really...

It's like they didn't even try to park it like a rational human being. At what point do you get so lazy you can't even attempt to avoid the plant life next to your parking spot? What if that were a child, or a puppy...or a baby deer? You heartless jerk!


Jessica Claire and I were looking for some awesome 80's outfits at the Salvation Army when we stumbled upon this gem:

Hmmm...I don't know what to say about this. Maybe I shouldn't say anything. Yes... I think that would be best.

Lastly, this is what happens when you give Mark Becklund two avocados and tell him to pose. At least I can post his picture. Nate Kaiser...not so much.

He's the man...the man with avocado boobs. Still sexy as heck though.