Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Moment With an Iron Chef

For those of you who don't know this about me, I am a Food Network junkie. I love it. I don't cook that much, but I guess I love to watch other people cook. Some of my favorite shows are Boy Meets Grill, Throw Down and Iron Chef. What do all of these have in common? BOBBY FLAY!!!

If you don't know who Bobby Flay is, the best way to describe him is Superman with a chef's coat. Catch up on your Food Network and you too will agree. So a few weeks ago Boomer, one of my good friends from college, met me in Vegas for a weekend of...prayer and fasting. Well we just happened to be praying and fasting in Caesar's Palace when, you guessed it, Bobby Flay walked right past us. So Boomer and I went over to him and started talking to him. He said that he was testing out recipes for a new Throw Down and asked us to try them out. So we went back into his restaurant and Bobby Flay started cooking for us. UNBELIEVABLE! Here we are, in Vegas, having one of the greatest chefs in the world cooking for us. He was so much fun. He showed us around and we rode the roller coaster at New York, New York with him. So we left with our bellies full of delicious Bobby Flay food, a doggy bag for later and some great stories to tell.
OK... here is what really happened. Bobby Flay walked past us and Boomer pointed him out to me. I got all sweaty and nervous and started semi-stalking the guy. He was on the phone so I was waiting for him to get off so I could take a picture with him. He started walking away so I took this picture that you couldn't make out was him if you sent it off to CSI. However...still one of the greatest moments of my life.
I know you can't see much, but the white figure in the middle of the screen is Bobby.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I just want to let all of you mid 20's-30 somethings that they are remaking (da na na na, da na na na, smack smack) Beverly Hills 90210! (That was the beginning of the theme song. I realize that my words to not reflect tone, which is why I didn't do the whole song. That would have gotten weird once I got to the guitar solo)


I am totally stoked. The new show lacks big belly jeans, t-shirts with sleeves rolled up and 30 year olds playing high schoolers...but it is still totally awesome! Think The OC with Jenny Garth and Shannon Dougherty. Kelly has a four year old boy on the show, and they keep on making references to "The Dad". You know who I think the dad is? Brandon. You heard it here first, folks...Brandon is Kelly's baby daddy! Nat still has a restaurant on the show, but it's no Peach Pit. I guess they're classing up the show. I'm still waiting on Luke Perry to show up in his Porsche late to 3rd period...because he's troubled, and that's what troubled high schoolers do. Ever since The OC got cancelled I have been waiting for another high school drama to start back up...but this is better than I could have hoped for. Merry Christmas to me.

90210...who would have thought?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fingernails, Dr. Pepper and Babies

I talked to an old friend online tonight. She told me that she read my blog. She then called me a goober doofus but told me that she liked it. Hmmm...I wasn't aware that a goober doofus was a good thing. If someone said "Hey, you're a goober doofus", the last thing that would pop into your head would be, "Gee, thanks! I am a goober doofus". So I decided to write about something a little more serious tonight. Pain and child birth.

Tonight I hurt myself really bad! I was opening up a Dr. Pepper and the tab was really tight against the top, so I had to use my finger nail. As I lifted up instead of the tab coming up, my finger nail came up on the tip. I don't know why I don't learn that this always happens when I use my fingernails to open a soda...ALWAYS! So then I had to use my teeth to open it, which I hate the feeling of that also. Now I know that they say having a baby is the worst pain that most humans have to go through, but I bet the person that did this study didn't have sensitive finger nails. Now I know that a lot of moms are probably upset right now...but come on. Does having a baby really hurt as bad as this?

That's something you'd have a hard time proving to me. I know it doesn't look that painful, which is why most people will make fun of anyone who complains about this happening to them. I don't care though. This is pain and it is real!

See...I can be serious.