Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fingernails, Dr. Pepper and Babies

I talked to an old friend online tonight. She told me that she read my blog. She then called me a goober doofus but told me that she liked it. Hmmm...I wasn't aware that a goober doofus was a good thing. If someone said "Hey, you're a goober doofus", the last thing that would pop into your head would be, "Gee, thanks! I am a goober doofus". So I decided to write about something a little more serious tonight. Pain and child birth.

Tonight I hurt myself really bad! I was opening up a Dr. Pepper and the tab was really tight against the top, so I had to use my finger nail. As I lifted up instead of the tab coming up, my finger nail came up on the tip. I don't know why I don't learn that this always happens when I use my fingernails to open a soda...ALWAYS! So then I had to use my teeth to open it, which I hate the feeling of that also. Now I know that they say having a baby is the worst pain that most humans have to go through, but I bet the person that did this study didn't have sensitive finger nails. Now I know that a lot of moms are probably upset right now...but come on. Does having a baby really hurt as bad as this?

That's something you'd have a hard time proving to me. I know it doesn't look that painful, which is why most people will make fun of anyone who complains about this happening to them. I don't care though. This is pain and it is real!

See...I can be serious.


Sara said...

yes, but did you get the can open? I would sacrifice for a DDP. :)

--Sara Gwathmey

All about us... said...

Jeff, I've given birth to three children and TRUST ME, childbirth is NOTHING compared to a sesitive fingernail. :)

Jeff Norwood said...

That's what I was thinking! Thank you Julie for validating my feelings.

Anonymous said...

I think she might be right, you ARE a goober doofus... a very lovable goober doofus. You're such a hoot!!!
MOM :)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is you should try opening that can with your you-know-what and then you'll have an idea of what 1/1000 of the pain of going through childbirth feels like, pal!