Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I just want to let all of you mid 20's-30 somethings that they are remaking (da na na na, da na na na, smack smack) Beverly Hills 90210! (That was the beginning of the theme song. I realize that my words to not reflect tone, which is why I didn't do the whole song. That would have gotten weird once I got to the guitar solo)


I am totally stoked. The new show lacks big belly jeans, t-shirts with sleeves rolled up and 30 year olds playing high schoolers...but it is still totally awesome! Think The OC with Jenny Garth and Shannon Dougherty. Kelly has a four year old boy on the show, and they keep on making references to "The Dad". You know who I think the dad is? Brandon. You heard it here first, folks...Brandon is Kelly's baby daddy! Nat still has a restaurant on the show, but it's no Peach Pit. I guess they're classing up the show. I'm still waiting on Luke Perry to show up in his Porsche late to 3rd period...because he's troubled, and that's what troubled high schoolers do. Ever since The OC got cancelled I have been waiting for another high school drama to start back up...but this is better than I could have hoped for. Merry Christmas to me.

90210...who would have thought?


Jamie said...

I was leary of watching the new one. Thought it might not hold up to the last one, but apparently you think so...I just might have to tune in. :)

Sara said...

Wow, I didn't realize they redid 90210. Hmmm....will have to catch it sometime.

Now if only they would remake the Brady Bunch with all the cast members still around and rename it Brady Bunch 30 years later..I would be so on it. :)

--Cousin Sara

Julie said...

I know I haven't been the world's best blogger lately but this is rediculous! What the heck?!?

jessica said...

I guess you know by now that Dylan is, in fact, Kelly's baby daddy. No shocker there to me, she never could get that guy with his sideburns and too small plaid shirts out of her mind.

Love your blog (when you post). I'm Michael's friend, Jessica, btw.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well, I'm fortysomething and let me tell you younguns that "Melrose Place" was the sheee-it!