Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Additions-New Traditions

My sister has a blog where she mostly writes about her kids. If you've read her blog, you may have seen that they have a tradition where they take a picture of the boys on their birthday wearing Danny's letter jacket from high school. Here is one the pictures:

Well I don't have kids, so you would think that this tradition would not pertain to me right now. Well I shouldn't let a little thing like not having kids stop me from doing this myself, should I?

If you have read my other posts you have read about my IPhone situation. A week after I got my new phone Apple announced a new version. I tried to pretend that I didn't it didn't bother me that they came out with a better and cheaper model a week later. I bottled up those feelings I had, but I was fuming...FUMING! Ladies and Gentlemen...I am no longer fuming. I would like to present the newest addition to my family...Da da da daaaaaaa!!! (pretend that a trumpet played that, or a kazoo if you prefer) IPhone 3G:
It is so beautiful and fast. I love it like a real son, except a real son couldn't give you point by point directions using a global positioning system. It will be a part of my life for the next two years, barring any fatal drops or water damage. But in that case I have Apple Care, which will replace it for free. I've never seen a baby come with that kind of guarantee? I feel like I need to start my traditions with it. My letter jacket is packed away somewhere at the 'rents house in San Antonio, so I used another jacket to get the job done:

We have so much fun!


All about us... said...

You are amazingly silly! :)

Jamie said...

That was the funniest thing ever, I especially love the leather jacket over the phone...I am still laughing hysterically.

cyndie said...

so the second kid is better than the first? that's how it is in my family too.

is the first just stuck in a drawer somewhere?

Sara said...

That is funny. What happened to phone #1?? Did you trade it in for a newer version?


merydwen said...

you are crazy-funny!

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh very hard. I still kick-it old school with my ORIGINAL, VINTAGE iPhone and refuse to get a 3G because that's just how I roll, dammit. You probably won't believe this but I'm wearing my daughter's letterman's jacket at this very moment and you'll never believe what colors it is......BURGUNDY and GRAY!!!!*cue "Twilight Zone" theme song*
Creepy, huh?