Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeff vs Chris

Most of you know the story in the bible about Jesus in the temple. Where he gets mad at all the people, flips over the tables and throws around chickens and sheep and camels? Yea that one.

Ok, so I'm visiting a friend in Victorville this weekend. I called him up earlier to tell him that I was coming in this weekend and he said to come on over. Then on Thursday he informed me that his church had two air conditioner units stolen. Not window units. Like ones that cooled the entire sanctuary. These guys skipped the electronics and went strait for bolted in appliances. All I can say is ...Wow! So because my good friend Chris is such a good guy, he volunteered to sleep in the church sanctuary until the repairs have been made. So, because Chris volunteered, I'm also sleeping on the floor of my old church.

Chris and I have different views on how God should take care of the situation. He thinks believes that God should show them mercy, convicting them with blessings, love and kindness. I think he should convict them with pain and suffering. I believe that the Lord should smite them. Smite them good. Since we were at a church all night, I figured that we could pray about this. Here Chris is, praying for mercy and blessings, while I am praying for pain and suffering:

As you can see, I'm praying twice as hard so I get more points, because most good Christians know that prayer works on a point system. Obviously I won, so pain and suffering it is! They've just been smited, or smooted, or smit...whatever. Somewhere across town this guy is getting home from a long day of stealing ACs, walks in the door and says, "Why the heck is my table upside down...and what is a sheep doing in here?" Sorry man, that's how Jesus rolls.


merydwen said...

maybe greg should preach his next sermon on the point-system of prayer! i think it would go over well with our church! and he could give all the credit to you!

Nicole said...

LOL....I linked to your blog from Jessica Claire Photography blog, and she's right....your blog posts are hysterical. Anyway....I did want to say that I work for the City right next to Victorville (Hesperia) and my department works closely with the cops who cover "theft". Lately we've had this huge influx of people who think it's cool to steal air conditioners. All that trouble for a few bucks in copper.... next they'll be trying to steal ATM's for the computer chip inside or something else ridiculous....