Friday, August 22, 2008

Popeye- Spinach and Poorly Planned Workouts

So I've literally spent the majority of the last 2 weeks in front of the tv watching the Olympics. I love sports, but I've never been as captured by an event as I have been lately. With so much time watching the Olympics, I've seen a plethera of commercials. One commercial in particular caught my attention. It was of one of my old favorite cartoons...POPEYE!!!

I remember growing up that Popeye was the man. I saw him in a boxing match and after he ate some spinach he punched Brutus not just out of the ring, but through the roof of the arena, flying across town. Who, in our generation of super-cartoons is able to do that? I never saw a ninja turtle do that, or even spider man! No, only Popeye. Seeing this commercial gave me a sense of nostalgia. I remembered waking up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons, trying not to wake up the parents. Now that I'm older, I have a few questions about Popeye. Questions that never occurred to me as a kid.

First...Why couldn't Brutus ever win in a fight against Popeye? Brutus was made to fight. Look at him...I would not mess with the dude, especially if he has that thing of TNT with him. He also didn't play by the rules, which is evident by his willingness to commit first degree murder, waiting for Popeye to get close enough to blow him up. Now I'm not saying the dude is a bright guy, but after several dozen fights with Popeye, he should have gotten the hint that after Popeye ate his spinach, he developed super human strength. So here is my question...why didn't it ever occur to Brutus that he too could eat spinach? In a battle of two super humans, the stronger super human should win. With Brutus' raw strength, he surely would have been the stronger super human.

Now on to my next question about Popeye. You're working out at the gym and look at yourself in the what point do you say to yourself," I really should focus on something other than my forearms"?

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