Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Perfect Push Up

Ok, here is my beef with marketing these days. A few months ago I bought the Perfect Push Up. I have had for a little over two months, and I gotta say...not so impressed. They guarantee results and I must say that I do not look like this:

Or this:

This is kinda what I look like:

I know that in order for something to work, you actually have to use it, but they make it look so easy. They make it seem like the the guy doing the push ups on tv and on the pictures looked like me six weeks ago. Then you get all excited, thinking that could be me in 6 weeks only working out 10 minutes a day. Of course I'll buy it for the low price of $39.99 + tax. Wouldn't you pay that for the perfect body? Then you get it, and you want to cry every time you use it. Shame on you Perfect Push Up...shame on you!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I too bought in to the fraud that is the Perfect Push-Up and all I got out of it was wrists that feel like they're broken all the time. I think the girl in that picture got her Perfect Bosoms from the Perfect Plastic Surgeon, though.....

Anonymous said...

The thing is, that a lot of these give you a ripped picture of some guy, but don't tell you everything else he did to look like that or get in that shape.