Sunday, March 29, 2009

In January I went to Big Bear with 9 of the most awesome people I know.

We rented out this ginormous cabin and it was a blast. (I actually did write ginormous because my brother and Jessica hate it when you combine two words together to create its own word) Check out Nate Keiser's blog post to catch up on all the shenanigans that went on.
So I was hangin out with Justin Lyon on the couch...
I woke up from the most awesome nap and saw the strangest thing:

Yes this is a lamp, but what is going on with the base. It's a bear, obviously in a lot of pain, with pine cone back pack. As an artist, what wonderful drug to you have to be on to come up with this insanity? But take a closer look. What does a bear in the forest walking around upright keep in his pine cone back pack? Another pine cone and sticks. Come on...I mean really? Not a sandwich, or a picinic basket?(Hey BooBoo!) Where is this bear going that he couldn't find sticks and another pine cone once he got there?

So then I looked around and found another cracked out lamp. Take a gander at this gem:

I like to think they are fighting over a chick. I don't know which one won in the end, but I see a fire in the eyes of the one on the right that the one on the left just doesn't have. I would narrate this fight, but I'm trying to cut out the personification of inanimate objects. Whoever won in the end, I hope they are very happy.



Anonymous said...

I LURVE hybrid current fave is "tragical"

Katie Jo said...

I love this blog! Found through my many favorite photographers, and, of course, Miss Jessica. I grew up in Big Bear. You gotta love the Bowling Barn and ugly carved bears, it might be the only thing Big Bear has going for it these days ;-)

brizzle145 said...

Main Entry: ginormous
Part of Speech: adj
Definition: simply huge; extremely large
Etymology: 1948-53; giant + enormous
Usage: ginormously, adv

You will appreciate knowing that ginormous is now considered a word per Sweet success!

Jasmine said...

i just made a mental note to buy you a bear-carved lamp. it'll be awesome. trust me.

Bliss said...

At first sight it appeared to me a big pig carrying appetizers ;)

Adrienne said...

nice work on the engagement. smart man you are :)

Katie Jo said...

Congrats on the engagement! Amazing story FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the colour.

Anonymous said...

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Vegas Wedding Photographer - FogartyFOTO said...

Looks like a lotta bromance, a lotta love. Fun!

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