Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Is LL Cool J Thinking?!

I like LL Cool J. He was awesome in SWAT and...umm... well I liked him in SWAT. I don't really listen to his music, but he raps happy and I like that. I also like his old spice commercial- .

I understand people wanting to make money. I understand that former B list celebrities would like to return to their former glory days. What I don't understand is why a rap star, who has built a reputation with his hard exterior (and rediculous chest and abs), would result to starting a clothing line for little girls? Yes folks, you heard correctly...little GIRLS!!! I'm not lying either. Here is a picture we ran across at the mall:

You can find his line at a Sears near you. Sears, really? Does anyone shop there for anything besides tools and underwear? It looks like he is trying to woo a 7 year old, and she doesn't even look that interested. She's probably thinking, " Maybe like 10 years ago, when you were somebody...". And the other girl is thinking, " No way...we came together and we're gonna leave together!" Crazy LL. I like you...but you're crazy.


Sara said...

That is actually FUNNY! And the question is...what were YOU doing in Sears???

jc said...

i just saw this right now--so awesome! it was really sweet of you to pick up a few pieces for makenzie, and the outfits you got yourself at sears were hot too.

Anonymous said...

I blame this entirely on LL's financial team. I bet he'll be just as shocked when he's walking through the mall and passes the Sears window and gets a load of this shizz!
Mama said knock you out.....

Anonymous said...

Jessica Claire sent me to check out your site, claiming it's super funny. I was NOT LET DOWN ... great post on LL Cool J - just what I needed, a good laugh at work!
Thanks - POST MORE!

•gilcĂ©lia• said...

jessica claire is right, you're fucking hilarious.
don't stop blogging. you amuse me. =)

by the way, hate me all you want, but you would love my cat! hehe

Levell said...

L.L. Cool J actually has (2) clothing lines. His first line is called "Todd Smith". Which is his government name. The clothes are limited and on the high end side. The L.L. Cool J line with Sears is an affordable line but it's not doing well.

( From an article )

The Fall 2008 advertising campaign spotlights LL Cool J, his wife, Simone Smith, and their four children (son Najee; daughters Talia, Samaria, and Nina) photographed with a group of models.

LL Cool J for Sears is a multi-category clothing line of men's, junior's, and children's button-down shirts, t-shirts, denim and outerwear, and will launch in 450 nationwide Sears stores Sunday, September 7, 2008. Price points for the collection begin at $24 for t-shirts; $50 for denim and $60 for outerwear.

Anonymous said...

your writing is hilarious! :o)